Medical Terminology Aid

A full featured app to study Medical Terminology (iTunes link)

Recommended app for nurses by "Go Student Nurse."


Simple Tree’s first software MT Aid was developed for our friends in the medical field. The application includes an abbreviations, prefix/suffix, and medical terms reference section. Quickly look up the terms you need.

Also included is a study section with multiple quizzes (take them as multiple choice or fill-in). A special "Quiz Cards" flashcard deck is built based on quiz results in order to focus on problem areas.

The flashcard section allows you to make your own decks and populate it with any reference or study entry.

The game section houses "Medical Terminology Hangman." A fun way to quickly study medical terms when time is short. Two different levels of difficulty.

Grab those spare moments in life to brush up on your medical terminology.

Thanks to everyone who has written in with feedback. Please continue to contact us as we work on updates. Now iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0 compatible. 

  • Fully searchable reference section with live search. See results as you type out a word.
  • Quizzes change each time. (choose between multiple choice or the more challenging fill-in)
  • Over 6,500 medical entries in the reference section.
  • Create flashcards from any reference or study section entry.
  • "Quiz Cards" deck automatically changes based on quiz results.

A top 100 paid Medical app on iTunes!